Introducing new process for EFT enrollment and changes: Action required starting March 9
Introducing new process for EFT enrollment and changes: Action required starting March 9

Introducing new process for EFT enrollment and changes:
Action required starting March 9

We generally require Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) network providers to be enrolled in electronic funds transfer (EFT) for reimbursement. Effective Wednesday, March 9, 2022, we will launch a new process for EFT enrollment and changes.

To better protect your EFT account and payment, we have created a new “Financial Manager” user role for the secure azblue provider portal. Although we recommend assigning this role to one person per organization, large organizations that have multiple EFT setups with BCBSAZ may need to assign the Financial Manager user role to more than one person. For your security, only those with this user role can make EFT changes on behalf of your organization.

Here’s how it works

Your account “Administrator” (or a user with the “Office Manager” role) must assign the Financial Manager role to the designated person/people in your practice. Once assigned, the Financial Manager user will have access to the digital EFT form upon login. No other portal content is available through this user role, but those with this role may have an additional user account for access to other resources in the portal.

For added security, logging in to the Financial Manager user account requires authentication through a six-digit verification code sent to the user’s email address. After logging in, the user will see this homepage:

The online form includes the same fields as the current PDF form:

The form leads you through each section to be completed. All fields in one section must be completed before moving to the next section in the sequence. Clicking the “Next” button at the end of a section automatically saves your entries and allows you to go back and edit as needed. If necessary, you may close the form and submit it later (entries are saved for up to 60 days).

To complete your enrollment, you must upload a voided check or letter from your bank with the account information. You must also contact your financial institution to arrange for secure delivery of the ACH payment-related information for all CCD+ EFT payments to enable re-association with electronic remittance advice (ERA). Activation may take up to 30 days.

More about azblue secure portal user roles

Only your organization’s portal account Administrator or someone who has been assigned the Office Manager user role may make changes such as setting up new user accounts, changing user-role assignments, and granting access to specific tax IDs and/or NPIs. To find your account Administrator and/or Office Manager, go to your “My Account” page at “Practice Management > Account Management > My Account.”

There are five specific user roles that an account Administrator or Office Manager can assign to others in the organization. Effective March 9, 2022, the Financial Manager user role will become the only role with access to the secure process for EFT enrollment and changes.

Note: Non-contracted providers have the same set of user roles, but some content access is restricted.

Reminder! Your organization is responsible for the activities of your authorized account users. For this reason, we require each user account you create to have a unique username that is not shared by others in your organization. All portal users must agree to and comply with our terms and conditions for use of the secure provider portal (the Terms & Conditions link is on the bottom of the secure portal pages). Violation of these terms may result in loss of access to the portal and/or criminal penalties.

Setting up your Financial Manager user role

Starting March 9, your account Administrator can set up the new user role in your account. Here are the steps:

  1. First, identify who is authorized to request EFT enrollment or updates for your organization.
  2. Go to “Practice Management > Account Management > User Management” and click the blue “ADD NEW USER” button.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the “User Profile” and “User Login Information” sections. You can skip the “Provider Selection” section and go right to the “User Role” section to select the “Financial Manager” role.
  4. Be sure to click the orange “ADD USER” button to complete the setup.
  5. On the Office User Registration Summary page, click the orange “DONE” button to confirm the change and activate the role.

Upon completion, the new user account will be available immediately.

If you have questions related to the enrollment/change process and online form, see our provider FAQs and provider instructions, or contact the EFT team at [email protected].

If you need help setting up the new Financial Manager user role, contact our eSolutions team at [email protected].

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